GPR System Noggin 1000 MHz and DVL III

Sensors & Software Manufactures a Noggin 1000 MHz antenna GPR system that connects to a DVL III. The GPR system is durable and can handle a lot of use. As shown in the photo, the system is fairly easy to put together. A small cable is used to connect the measuring wheel to the main cable going to the DVL. … Read More

Where Does GPR Work?

Ground penetrating radar has limitations where it can be used. It is no different then other geophysical instruments. Where does GPR work? Well, below is a map from the US Dept. of Agriculture NRCS. Other more detailed state maps are available from NRCS showing where ground penetrating radar is suitable. Tell us about your GPR experience on Where Does GPR … Read More

Ask Questions about GPR at

Post Questions About GPR and find answers at Topics are not limited to geophysical surveys conducted by geophysicists, engineers, geologists, or the military. See if we can help you with locating underground utilities, locating fracture and fault systems, mapping underground storage tanks UST, imaging concrete, characterizing geology, mapping graves, archaeological studies, finding contamination, ice thickness, mine planning, voids, and other questions … Read More