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For decades, we (K D Jones Instrument Corp and Geophysical Equipment Rental LLC network) have been renting GPR and selling geophysical equipment (e.g. AGI electrical resistivity imaging, MASW seismic, Geonics EM31 EM34 EM38’s, and Geometrics seismographs and magnetometers). Not too long ago, Sensors & Software became a member of the SPX family of instruments (e.g., Radiodetection, Pearpoint, Schonstedt, Cues, and others). Today, we are proud to be a Sensor & Software key partner for renting GPR and an authorized distributor of Sensor & Software’s equipment. In other words, we have direct access to premium technical support, knowledge bases, sales, and marketing so you, as a customer, can have a great user experience.

New Customer Information:

All first time renters must contact their insurance company and ask them to send a certificate of insurance regarding their company’s rental coverage. Often, this is known as an Inland Marine Policy. K.D. Jones Instrument Corp. and Geophysical Equipment Rental LLC need to be listed as “Loss Payee” and “Additionally Insured.” Also, proof may be required demonstrating the policy is paid up and will remain in place. Though less common, a deposit on the equipment may be negotiated before renting.

Note of Caution

GPRRental.com is not a replacement for the user manuals, common sense, experience, or for the education necessary to conduct successful ground penetrating radar surveys. A background in physics, geology, geophysics, engineering, and/or mathematics benefits survey designers and operators. To supplement a user’s knowledge, one can find a wide selection of books and reading material by searching the internet. A good place to start is at Sensors and Software website. Because there is always the potential for a misunderstanding, it is highly recommended that one goes through all procedures at the office or home base before going to a project. It is very important to experiment with the ground penetrating radar equipment over known conditions. A better understanding of how the equipment operates and responds improves the quality of a user’s experience.

Noggin 250 500 1000 SmartCart Systems
Noggin 250 500 1000 SmartCart Systems

GPR Rental Rates:

InstrumentMonthly RateDaily RateMob Fee
LMX200 SmartCart.$3,960$165$175
Noggin with 250MHz, 500MHz, or 1000MHz Antenna* $3,960$165$175
Additional Noggin Antenna (250, 500, or 1000MHz)$1,320$55$65
pulseEKKO Pro SmartCart with Ultra Receiver and one Antenna (50,100,or 200MHz)*$6,900!$380$265
pulseEKKO Pro SmartCart with Standard Receiver and one Antenna (50,100, or 200MHz)*$5,450!$300$265
Additional pulseEKKO Pro or Ultra Antenna (50,100, or 200MHz) with a system$960$40$25
pulseEKKO Pro TR1000/Conquest System, DVL500 w/ 1000MHz Antenna$4,800$200$285
pulseEKKO Pro TR1000/Conquest 1000MHz Antenna (No DVL)$1,200$50$65
EKKO Project GPR Software**$960$40$80
Sub-meter GPS External Antenna ***$840$35$35
GPR Rental Rates

* Depending on availability, SmartCarts can be replaced by SmartTows or SmartHandles. Fees may apply if user wants more than one configuration. Contact us for pricing.
** All GPR rentals include EKKO Project GPR Software during the duration of the rental plus a 7 day grace period for post-processing after return of GPR instrumentation. Therefore, any days that the software is kept after the 7 day grace period will be billed at the daily rate or monthly rate if 30 days is met.
*** Upon request a sub-meter GPS antenna can be included.
! Special monthly rate.

Formal terms & conditions and other geophysical equipment for rent.

Visit GeophyicalEquipmentRental.com to see our inventory and formal terms and conditions.

Basic Billing and Shipping Information:

After submitting an Inland Marine Policy for approval, GPR Rental needs a minimum of the following information to complete an order:

GPR Rental Rates  Checklist
GPR Billing & Shipping Information

Billing Contact and Address:
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Preferred Shipping Service: Standard Overnight? Priority? 2Day? etc
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PO and/or reference # for waybill/invoice:
Approximate return date:

This information can be filled out on the Contact Form at the bottom of this page!

Important Contact Information:

General Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Central time.

GPR Rental, which is a part of the K.D. Jones Instruments and Geophysical Equipment Rental LLC network, always have their phones so don’t delay calling us for anything at any time if you are in a bind.

For sales, quotes, purchase order approvals, and technical questions, please call Art @ 262-442-6327.

For rental coordination, scheduling, and general instrument questions, please call Nate @ 262-442-6745 or 800-272-0301.

All equipment must be returned to this physical address:

No weekend or holiday deliveries. This avoids rental property being left outdoors, unsecured, and potentially stolen.

GPR Rental Rates Check PO Box
Send a check to our PO Box

Geophysical Equipment Rental LLC
Nate Steinbrecher
13129 Green Bay Rd
Mequon, WI 53097

Remit payments to:

Contact us for credit card payments
or mail checks to:
K D Jones Instrument Corp
PO Box 339
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Feel free to call us, email us, or use the GPR Rental form below:

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